Cassius Tae is a long time favorite of flowsfordays, and over the years I’ve learned that there is nothing he can’t do. Take his latest music video/song, Pocket. Back in the 90’s, storytelling was a necessary component of a successful hip hop artist’s career. As time went on, fans heard less and less of it, or if we did, it was a far cry from the most classic of tales from guys like Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Mobb Deep.

Pocket holds all of the key components that make a good hip hop story, from its compelling nature, relatable narrative, and ease of telling it. Cassius has always held the proverbial key to expressive bars and energetic routines. Pocket expands upon all of this, while the music video displays his down to earth and creative approach to his music. @RENVNTDPICTURES painted the perfect picture that best describes what Cassius brings not only to the Chicago scene, but the hip hop world at large.