Sareem Poems & Newsleph Look For Peace On New Track ‘Freedom’

Sareem Poems & Newselph are no strangers to flowsfordays. They’ve put out a plethora of content and have never skipped a beat. Their music is so consistent that I’ve never turned down any of their submissions. Sareem & Newselph are masters at incorporating hip hop and soul along with a host of other sub-genres to spark the mind. Unlike other ‘inspirational’ tracks, Sareem keeps it lyrically compelling. Their latest collab, Freedom, is more of this.  I’ll let Sareem take it from here:

“Freedom” is all about finding your special place. Where do you find peace? Mine is in music. I find calm & rejuvenation in creating song ideas to beats that move me. The ability to express myself, has given me great freedom and made me the artist I am. – Sareem Poem

Stream on your favorite platform here.


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