On the final track of B1GJuice’s latest EP SEARCHING.zip, the Toronto native reveals that he bumps UGK on the regular. The legendary Texas duo worked with chopped and slopped legend DJ Screw throughout their career until he passed in 2000 (RIP). This brief backstory is vital to the sound and essence of SEARCHING.zip, a woozy concoction of deep, distinctive vocals and potent rhymes. Make no mistake, the project has a good amount of jazzy, mellow cuts that are as beautiful as they are inspirational.

Juice provides thought-provoking tales of his life, capturing the essence of each track title listed. The boy can not only rap – he can diversify his content with every instrumental. Juice is the definition of a man who takes his artistry seriously, never sticking to the norm. He is not afraid to experiment and be himself; vital to success in this industry.

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