Illect Recordings brings together another one-two punch with FFD favorites Sareem Poems & Newsleph.  The independent record label was nice enough to gift me with the actual vinyl to their collaborative effort 88 To Now which stood as one of my favorites of last year. Whenever they join forces something amazing is bound to transpire like their latest, I Don’t Know. Newsleph continues his instrumental diversity with a guitar licking, funk induced, country fried beat that still has enough hip hop essence for Sareem to politick over.

This man is one of the most valuable lyricists we have and can provoke thought in the most important of issues. He raises questions about city life, poverty, depression, parenting and segregation to name a few. He’s incredibly aware of this world and society’s ills, but like most of us, he doesn’t know the answer to make things better. Regardless, he finds clarity in chaos and expresses it in the most profound of ways.

You can stream the song on your favorite platform here.