After Getting Adjusted to Fatherhood, Cey, The Ghost Is Back With His Most Reflective Work Yet, ‘Note To Self’

flowsfordays’ favorite Cey, The Ghost emailed me with a new submission starting with “It’s been quite a while since I put something out. I’ve been getting adjusted to father hood.” I’ve missed his music, but being a father is certainly a new experience, and one that takes patience and diligence. The song in question is entitled Note To Self, an intelligent and reflective composition that still contains his incredible flow, wordplay, and penchant for storytelling.

Note To Self is an update of sorts – taking us through not only new events and conversations he’s had, but his new perspective on life. Fatherhood changes men, for better or for worse, and Cey is taking it seriously, as he should. Part of being a good father is facing one’s demons head on, and that is the nucleus of Note To Self. Production comes from Yondo who captures the emotionality of the track to a T. The record is one of Cey’s favorite pieces of work, and I’m right there with him.


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