Instrumental Blessings #1 Playlist

*This is a piece I wrote for my Tumblr blog over 2 years ago.

Instrumentals are often overlooked as mere one offs or even worse, beats. Yes, technically they are the latter, but they are on the same level, or higher, then vocal tracks. Some of the best projects on any platform come from musicians, instrumentalists, producers, crafters. After scouring the SoundCloud universe for the best work possible, I found 4 pieces of work that are, in fact, blessings.


John Scott incorporates so much musical goodness here, starting off with a jazzy undertone and then progressing into electronic lighting beams and high bass. At 4 minutes and 34 seconds, I never get bored. This is something to play in the morning to start your day off right.

John gave me some insight on the track:

“Making .WAV Riders I was definitely influenced by anime specifically, in my head while making the track I was picturing the night driving scenes in Sin City, a popular 90’s Japanese film. I’ve always been into creating a short moment when making music, a mini movie to play I your head since my songs don’t have words.”

The Austin, Texas native is hard at work on his 5th LP titled Where The Clocks Stood Still which will pick up where his last EP titled Hourglass left off. Although he’s hoping to release it sometime this year this musical perfectionist might wait until 2017 to make sure it is just right.

He’s scheduled to work with some Minnesota and Chicago talent this year including Novyon, Gaines and many more so be on the look out for that.

Alacarte – Bhonstro

The UK always comes through with that instrumental heat. Alacarte starts off with a beautiful piano that moves into some nice tambourine pangs and continues on throughout the track. Similar to .WAV Riders, we get some disco/electronic undertones throughout the instrumental. When I listened to it for the first time the jazz element stood out to me the most.

Bhonstro is part of the London based Deep Matter Collective that is home to a number of artists. Although I haven’t checked out their music, I’m sure they’re nice too. You can check out their website here. Follow them on SoundCloud to stay updated as well.

LoveSwing (Two4Fitz) – Mecca:83

Mecca from Manchester packs a lot into this under 3 minute track. It’s got almost 2K plays and for good reason. Stutter steps and samples permeate and combine. Here is more about the track from the man himself:

“LoveSwing came from an idea I had about creating beats that were dedicated to other producers who keep me inspired. I started with “One4Bug” and this is the next step down that road. Feels good to be trying out a few different techniques and sample sources I wouldn’t necessarily use normally.”

“Fingers crossed it’ll all come together as a full EP in the near future. For now though, I’m just taking my time with these dedication joints and working on them when inspiration hits.”

“Right now I’m celebrating 5 years since my first album, Life Sketches, was released. So I’m currently promoting the 7″ vinyl release of 2 fan favourites from that record.”

Aso – Timeless

Another down-tempo track that fits into an early morning playlist. Aso is part of the Mellow Orange record label as well.

Shigeto Hundred Water’s Cavity Remix (Go Yama Flip) – Go Yama

Hundred Waters, a indie pop band from the good state of Florida released a remix EP to their 2015 album the Moon Rang Like a Bell last year and an instrumental from Shigeto was featured on it. Go yama remixed his remix. It’s a beautiful track inspired from single Cavity, with the xylophone as the star of the show.


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