Roy Banks has built up significant momentum for his last few releases. 2 weeks ago he dropped his May Mayhem Medley visual that was just as impressive as last year’s May Mayhem series. While the music video was fun and inviting, we’ve all been waiting for a new song that we can add to our music library. Roy has quenched our thirst with his latest and greatest, Passion. 

To capture the brilliance of the song is to listen to it in full. But, if you need a push, just read some of Roy’s lyrics below:

Have you ever looked at the sky and wondered why everything is the way it is

Not focused on the cabbage but it’s stacking

I know they want to pull me over/in the back of my mind I always think twice

Don’t forget I’m chosen/everything I do is with a passion

– Passion by Roy Banks

Stream on your favorite platform here.