Donte Tidmore Drops His Comeback Track, ‘Not Only’ That Happens To Be His Best Work Yet

Donte Tidmore has been gone for a minute, but he’s only progressed in the time he’s taken off. The Milwaukee vocalist recently dropped his comeback track, Not Only easily his best effort yet. This is no basic R&B love song, it is full of descriptive content, pitch-perfect singing, and class A production from 30 Hertz. More than that, the mixing and mastering is exceptional thanks to engineering ShonMil.

Donte promises to always love his girl and stand by her side, but convincingly so. He will continue to grind in his career to be able to buy her nice things such as ‘a car off the lot’. Donte touches upon exploring the world with his woman to bringing her happiness and excitement. Not Only builds to a point of unconditional love – and you can feel it. Donte promises more content will be coming soon, so be on the lookout.


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