3 Members Of Boston Crew EMS Show Strength In Numbers On Stunning New Visual & Single – ‘Rapscallions’

Boston lyricist M-Dot has been featured and premiered on flowsfordays a number of times, but nothing could prepare me for his latest submission. M-Dot is part of EMS, a 7 man crew (also known as Experimental MindState), and their latest visual features two group members along with the man himself. Rapscallions is a stunning display of strength in numbers, with crisp visuals, compelling architecture and stunning scenic shots that take place in Heidelberg, Germany while EMS was on tour.

These three have an overwhelming amount of lyrical prowess shown in tongue-twisting bars, highly intelligent metaphors, and inside the pocket flows. They have the right connections in the city as the single was produced & directed by Agent Dan, a Mannheim, German native.

This is the first single off their HIGHLY anticipated debut album Own Lane Music that will feature production from Buckwild, !llmind, Confidence and many more. The single will also appear on Agent Dan’s album I Do It MA Way coming later this year.


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