AlifortheGo Drops His Debut Album ‘Let It Shine’

AlifortheGo has worked with the best of the best in Chicago. He’s hopped on a handful of classic tracks, worked with prominent producers around the city, and is part of the genre-bending group Futura Bloom. His right-hand man and producer Dougy has continued to bring out the best of him, and work with him extensively.

Ali has put out an immense amount of singles and teasers this year which have all lead up to his debut album, Let it Shine. The cover art is a good reference to all you will feel and experience in the course of these 10 tracks. The project is full of ups and downs, confidence and fear, but always bursts of light. He cheers up everyone around him, takes care of his sister, and sees silver linings in the darkest of times.

It is the production that pulls the project together. The beats from Dougy are light, airy, charismatic, and often filled with bleeps and bloops that Ali rides over in a melodic tone. Ali has still gone through his share of heartbreak and pain and often centers that around a track or two. Take what you will from the album, but never forget that there is much to gain from a thorough listen…or 10.


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