Portland Legend Al-One The Remedy Keeps The Spooky Season Going With New Project ‘Shallow Aloween’


Shallow Al is my new favorite underground rapper. The spooky alter-ego of Portland artist Al-One the Remedy is the star of this Halloween themed project released on October 30th. It’s only fitting that this project comes out the night before Halloween, commonly known in my neighborhood as Mischief Night; as Al-One is here for all the fuckery in this one.

The beats and theme are masterfully crafted with some incredible sound design and a head-spinning blend of flows from the artist. It’s rare that a Halloween project can maintain replayability, but the way that they put this one together demands several listens. Combining several different styles, instruments (THERE IS A CELLO SOLO AT THE END OF “YOU GOT ME FUCKED UP” PEOPLE), and some vocals that reminded me of the Kino level of Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies, this man Al-One is coming for all the smoke. I want to say he reminds me of Flatbush, but then in the same song, he reminds me of Ab-Soul, and then Schoolboy Q.

Al-One complements the diverse range of sounds that ‘Shallow Aloween’  brings to the table and keeps the listener engaged. Bringing some shine to Portland, this artist is one to look out for. I know I’m gonna keep ‘Shallow Aloween’ in rotation throughout the Holidays, I’ll try not to freak my family out at Thanksgiving.

Standout Tracks: You Got Me Fucked Up, A Beautiful Death, The Seventh Deadly Spin,  Bloody Mary.

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