Get To Know Roy Banks, The Chicago Artist With Unlimited Potential (flowsfordays Interview)

Roy Banks is the definition of a creative. Passion exudes from the Chicago wordsmith through a strong dedication to his craft, skillful planning, and the continuous refinement and progression in his music. One of the most impressive displays of his talent is through his songwriting, beautifully shown in last year’s May Mayhem series. Each week of the month we were blessed with a new song, showcasing Roy’s range through production choice, features, and topics of discussion. With a single out soon, a project expected at the top of the year, and Roy’s name spreading like wildfire, it’s time to hear from the man himself. 
Hey Roy, how are you doing?
I’m doing great I have been working on a lot of new music and myself as a person.
We’ve been covering your music for quite some time now. Your content continues to evolve. How have you approached your releases in the last few years? 
I’ve written a lot of songs along the way of each of my releases, it takes a lot of practice to do anything well. Songwriting is an art as well as a skill, you have to approach it creatively, technically and just be free with it.


Tell us about your May Mayhem singles. Why did you decide to put this together? 
I decided to do May Mayhem cuz I wanted the songs to be brought to life beyond the music, the warm visuals complimented the tracks perfectly. I definitely would do it again.
Major Chicago websites have given you accolades and have written about your music. How has it been going on blogs outside of the city?
I’ve been blessed to be featured in a handful of blogs outside of my city, Chicago shows me more love than anywhere when it comes to the coverage of my music.
I’m interested to know when you caught the hip hop bug. When did you begin to like the genre?
I grew up on hip-hop music, it wasn’t until when I got my first phone in high school that I really fell in love with hip hop. Shoutout Chicago, Shoutout the west coast.
Listening is one thing, but pursuing a career is another. When did you make that transition? 
I made that transition from listening to actually releasing when I was almost 18, It’s the scariest shit I ever did when I first started.
When did you start putting out music? Any memories associated with it? 
I started putting out music 2 years ago, I remember tryna build up my confidence to where it is now. Theirs no How to Be A Rapper guide, you gotta do it, be consistent, and evolve to satisfy that feeling of being the best musician and rapper you can be.
What artists and albums have inspired you?
Kendrick, Gambino, Frank Ocean are guys who push the artistic and sonic limits it’s hard not to be moved, the music too vivid. 
What do you hope to achieve in the last few months of 2019? 
I wanna finish this project I’m working on It’s my best work to date. It’s so real its like a walking thing.
Can we expect any new content? Anything you’d be willing to share?
Yeah towards the end of fall yall can expect some new music before the project.
You can follow Roy on social media below:

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