medna Digs Deep Into His Inner Psyche on New Music Video ‘MR. NEGATIVE’

Human beings struggle with their inner psyche every day. Some internalize it and push forward, others take it out on others, and some search deep within. Of course, there are a million other outcomes, yet it’s rare to find a human being that both understands his pain and admits he’s significantly contributing to it. This is where we find medna and his new music video MR. NEGATIVE. The ROOL directed visual is a gorgeous display of creativity and acting by medna himself. While he delves deeper into his psyche, he shows an enormous amount of lyrical skill, making MR. NEGATIVE one of the most ambitious videos I’ve seen in quite some time. medna and his team not only pulled this concept off, but they also executed it so well that I could not find one thing to critique. I highly recommend you check this out and experience what I did.

Stream MR. NEGATIVE on your favorite platform here.


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