Cali Funk Machine Satchy Drops His Most Inspired Single (And Video) Yet – ‘For A Minute’

I sincerely enjoyed Flying Lotus’ latest album but was left feeling a bit empty. Most of the features were killer, (first place goes to Denzel Curry) but lacked fluidity and natural progression.

21-year-old Pasadena student Satchy has a new single out, For A Minute, and it contains all the vibes, transitions, and out of box thinking Flamagra should have had. He has a distinct ability to mirror what the instrumentation is doing, juxtaposing his melody with hard bass lines and heavy funk.

Satchy sings about finally attaining true love, and the difference he has made in his life. The shift into a groovy, sax heavy jam couldn’t be sweeter and plays as you were watching them up close and personal. It becomes obvious that the young artist has brilliant compositional skills, and a lot to share with the world. Look out for Satchy’s upcoming album Brown Lotus out August 27th. 

Stream on your favoirte streaming platform here.


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