Chicago Hip Hop Poet Aasha Marie Shares The Struggle of An Artists’ 9-5 in ‘Punch’

There is often a duality in the way artists pursue their dreams. In order to finance studio time, mixing, mastering, production, music videos, artwork, and more, many must work a 9-5 at a job that they despise. While some have it easier, many have it harder. I’ve heard testimonials from (literally) hundreds of artists I’ve worked with who are stuck in a double life. They punch the clock in the early morning and then late at night, driving to the studio and using every free moment to progress in their art.

This struggle is the basis of Aasha Marie’s new single Punch. This spoken word Chicago lyricist who is active in the city’s community has a distinctive style unlike any I’ve heard thus far. Not only does she have a sharp pen game, she creatively uses metaphor and similie to add spark and intrigue to the ‘punching the clock’ theme. Aasha bravely opens up about her boss devaluing her hard work, and how her time and energy is spent in a place that sucks the life out of her.

Yet Aasha continues to feel hope, knowing God will help her through this challenging time in her life.


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