Nique Robinson Comes Through With A Solid, Cohesive Project On “PAINT”

Nique Robinson’s new EP, “PAINT” is the epitome of why I love short projects so much.

Though this project clocks in at four tracks and just under 11 minutes in length, Robinson covered a wide array of lyrical topics while simultaneously developing a cohesive sound over the duration of this record, culminating into a listen that is sweet and to the point.

The production on here is consistent in its jazzy, airy feel. The opening track, “SAVIOR,” has a beautiful saxophone loop that jumps out at you, adding a real sense of vibrancy to the track. Another production highlight on here is the soulful vocal sample on “Fire.” It sets a dreamy, romantic backdrop for Robinson to wax poetic about a love interest.

Lyrically there’s a lot going on here as Robinson displays a great deal of technical skill throughout this project. He discusses themes such as love, black empowerment and even his own mental health. His lyrics are poetic and teeming with creativity.

With a project chalk-full of jazzy production and poetic wit, Nique Robinson has come through with a product that is not only creative and organic, but is also short, to the point, and easy on the ears.

“PAINT” is now available on Soundcloud, and can be listened to by pressing play on the link above


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