Young Maxwell & UNCLE SLUMP Create Historic Moment With ‘ HEART CHAKRA TREASURE’

Who is Young Maxwell? One of the best rappers out of the city of Chicago with unlimited potential. He is about to drop his Ugly Egos EP, and has successfully built a buzz through his single HEART CHAKRA TREASURE. My first experience with this track is similar to when I first heard A$AP Rocky in 2011. This guy is different. He sees words differently and can connect them in a conversational way that circles in flow and relation. I haven’t been this excited for a new project in awhile, but my anticipation and excitement is strong.

Linking with UNCLE SLUMP of the legendary SLUMPGANG collective was a great move. He uses similar tactics, but his style is all his own. They are both incredibly skilled lyricists, and this collab, at least for me, will go down in hip hop history. Write ups and descriptions of HEART CHAKRA TREASURE  only dilute its power, so I STRONGLY advise you to just press play and get lost in what the genre should continue to bring.


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