Take A Walk In ANXT’s Shoes On Gut Wrenching New Single ‘preSSure’

It’s been a minute since I’ve heard from FFD favorite ANXT. The Chicago emcee/producer has deleted all of his music on SoundCloud (except the one above) and has switched over to Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. On his SoundCloud profile he has no link to his Twitter page, and perhaps this is a deliberate move. ANXT has always been one to stick to music rather than outside distractions.

His new song, preSSure, impacted me in such a way that I subconsciously followed ANXT’s instructions to ‘take a walk in my shoes.’ I saw myself moving to the suburbs to stay out of trouble, going to a white school that was hard to fit into, fighting temptations and peer pressure, and witnessing my close friend getting locked up for a decade.

The pain, anger, and anguish still runs deep in his veins, and he expresses it all through a cinematic, eerie beat from Syndrome. Not only did preSSure hit me in the gut, it brought tears to my eyes as I began to the see the world that he sees.

Soak this in and look for another project coming soon.


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