Black Tide Entertainment MC Kai Akili is back with a new single entitled “Hunnid Acre Wood,” and it’s a hazy, lo-fi kind of a jam.

The instrumental on this joint, which is produced by Parker Jazz, is stripped back and jazzy. It has a nocturnal feel, sounding perfect for a late night cruise through one of Chicago’s many neighborhoods.Akili is reflective on this track. He muses on things such as the mundane redundance of every day life, his desire for things to change, and wanting to better his relationship with his family.

Under all of these sentiments is the common notion of wanting to escape his problems. Akili spends a lot of this track confronting everything that has been stressing him out while simultaneously describing weed as a healing component for stress. The overall aesthetic of this track adds to that idea. The beat is hazy, and Akili’s vocals sound faded and cloudy. Matty Wood$ drops in for a feature on here, adding more depth to the vocal harmonies. This song works really well as a meditative stoner anthem.

Hunnid Acre Wood” is now available on all platforms.