DeadstockV1 And NEV Start Off The Summer Right With “Liv.9000”

Energy, energy energy.

That is the thought constantly running through my mind every time I listen to DeadstockV1 and NEV’s new single, “Liv.9000.”

The beat, produced by Origami, is one of the more lively instrumentals I’ve heard all year. The bass thumps along at a constant, hard-hitting pace, and it adds a distinctive rhythmic pulse to the track. The string sections are bouncy and playful, and the jazzy synths bring everything together, forming an instrumental that is an animated explosion of color.

Deadstock is the human embodiment of roadrunner on this song. He utilizes a rapid fire flow while maintaining a stunning sense of clarity in his announciations. Though this song is perfect for a party setting, Deadstock is rapping his ass off on here as he weaves his lyrical pictures together in a way that is poetic and hard-hitting.

Handling the hook on this joint, NEV comes through with some poetic lines of her own. Her vocals take on a heavenly tone as she floats effortlessly over the pulsating bass and constant bass hits.

“Liv.9000” functions as the lead single of Deadstock’s upcoming project, which is due out later this year. Though this song has a carefree vibe, it could take on a whole new meaning when the project comes out, as Deadstock says it’s going to be a concept album.

For now, though, DeadstockV1 and NEV can rest easy as they have come through with the perfect summer jam with “Liv.9000.”

Liv.9000” is now available on all platforms.


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