Singer, Songwriter & Producer Shantina Lynet’ Warms Hearts With Her Latest ‘Force of Nature’

Jam heavy tracks are not to be dismissed, especially on a Saturday. Chicago singer/songwriter/producer Shantina Lynet’ is one of those soulful singers that instantly warms your heart. Her latest, Force of Nature, is over 4 minutes of pure joy.  The song is a fresh take on intimacy –  following primal instincts when we’re around the one we love.

While this is all well and good, execution is key. With Shantina’s catchy, soothing melodies, low and raspy tones, musically beautiful harmonies, and expressive storytelling, the young songstress delivers with flair. Producer Nobi laced the record with a gorgeous instrumental – highlighting all of Shantina’s strengths as an artist. Josh Harris completes the picture with daring cover art that is as beautiful as it is thematic.


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