Skipp Whitman Blurs Fantasy and Reality on Music Video ‘SUNDAY’

If you’ve ever skipped over Skipp Whitman (pun intended) this is your opportunity to repent your sins. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve posted his visuals and even a project or two. Cinematic does not capture the true nature of the work he puts into his music videos. They range from hilarious to dark to shocking to contemplative with absolutely NO filler time.

SUNDAY, off his recent album, GIRLS, is eccentric, odd, relatable and a laugh riot. Skipp says the music video was inspired by the critically acclaimed motion picture Vanilla Sky. We see him at home with an outraged and insane girlfriend. Instead of engaging in the argument, he quickly falls into an extended fantasy, and soon the barriers between real and dream become blurred. Towards the end you won’t be able to differentiate between the two. There is always a message, or an extended question in his music videos. They are never straight forward and always up for interpretation. Our job, if we wish, is to take what we like, and leave the rest. None of this could be possible without director Eric Stiles and Pat Anthony who shot the entire piece. These 3 are geniuses in the making.