JB Brings Hope and Healing To Chicago With Music Video ‘Get Em Lifted’

Listeners unfamiliar with the progression of hip hop may label it as violent, vulgar, and street oriented. In 2019, this couldn’t be further from the truth. But there are still artists often found in Chicago who make music videos toting guns, ready to obliterate cops and rival gangs. I find it embarrassing at this point.

Luckily JB and his crew dropped Get Em Lifted, a visual that is meant to inspire. JB starts off with ‘This ain’t a blood thing or king thing or D thing or block thing or Crip thing a G thing’ while mimicking the aformentioned’s tiresome music video style. JB has a thunderous voice that cannot be ignored, confident in what he expresses while still managing to be an open, warm, thoughtful individual. Trust, he has bars and a flow that brings catchiness to the track. Jump in.