Catching Up On Submissions Part 6 (Best Of)

MixAint New

Chicago’s Mix is here to catch us up on his flex. Peep on his short but sweet visual shot in the heart of the city. His words flow effortlessly, almost preluding his inevitable rise.

Don Streat (feat. Revalation) – Slam the Door

Baltimore emcee Don Streat knows how to hype an album. Its first single, Slam The Door, is a straight up banger with hard hitting flows and potent lyrics. Both Don and New England’s Revalation offer unique perspectives on the age old idiom “when one door closes, another one opens.” Peep the track and LP below.


I’m giving Neak the floor on this one:

“The essence of the LEGACY video is to highlight musical greats before me who’ve created the platform for our generation to freely be who we are. Without the likes of legends such as James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, 2Pac, etc. there would not be a space for artists like myself to create. This music video is to honor the Legacy laid before us within the music industry.”

V. Dewayne (feat. $noogz) – Warehouse

Whatever V. Dewayne lacks, he makes up for with charisma. The Riley Brown directed cut has Dewayne all smiles in whatever location he’s in. The hook is pure ear candy, and his non stop flow drips in swag. Don’t snooze.