Adam Ronel Demonstrates Courage, Depth, and Confidence In Comeback LP ‘Best They Never Heard’ (Album Review)

Adam Ronel and I are kindred spirits; individuals who became unhappy when their hard work and dedication resulted in stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and more than anything, little in return. Adam was once known as Adam Reverie, and his story is as captivating as his album Best They Never Heard. We both took time off while supporters and the like asked us why. Why take a break when we were doing so well? Perhaps our numbers were up, or our fanbase had expanded, or we were getting more praise and attention. But what is art without the artist? It is 2019, and music is no longer a listener’s game. It is Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, interacting with fans, responding to emails, posting, recording, creating, press releases, late nights, and a lot of anxiety. An artist of any medium begins to hate what they do. As you achieve greater success, more pressure is put on you to push out new content, grant favors, and more than anything, attract scammers, scumbags, and two facers.

Although I haven’t spoken to Adam in some time now, I have a feeling he has had an awakening of sorts. A calmness that has washed over his body, a refreshed state of mind that embodies track 8 – Vibes, Spirit, Universe. I’ve put Best They Never Heard on my top albums of 2019 list for its depth, honesty, creativity, soulful, yet progressive production, and warmth. The most prominent aspect of this album’s greatness lies in Adam himself. He has never sounded so courageous, fearless, and in-tune with himself and the music he wants to make. Adam perfects the juxtaposition of finding beauty within pain. He doesn’t just speak on his female relationships; he tells stories worthy of printer paper. Adam humanizes the pain of loving a woman who can’t pick a suitor. The heartbreak of his child moving away. The pent up anger of having a Dad who was never there for him. And the struggle to remember that he is nothing like him.

The final track, Kill Adam Reverie, takes you through his artistic journey – explaining his breaking point, the details of his absence, and his new moniker. Best They Never Knew is a good man making good music. Nothing less, nothing more.

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