Exclusive FFD Interview With NoFace, Rapper – “The only reason I started rapping was because of artists who were able to paint pictures, tell stories, and capture emotions through words”

NoFace, Rapper and flowfordays have an extensive history. It was in 2017 that I received (and posted) his first submission, and immediately noticed the depth of his potential. Less than a month later he dropped his uplifting, yet emotionally vulnerable EP Never Fear Rejection. At that time I rarely wrote reviews, but after first listen I couldn’t stop myself from writing about its striking resemblance to the mentality I feared I’d never reach.

NoFace is not afraid to base his albums on particular times in his life – no matter how unglamorous. Individual songs can also be a brief look into the mind of a human being who is flawed AND all powerful. As musical consumption becomes more and more fleeting, NoFace takes a strategic approach that still fits his overall message.

In preparation for his upcoming album, Face has put out his most boisterous track and visual yet titled ‘nfr.‘ He’s never sounded so excited, confident, and content with himself. The music video in particular is a rightfully boastful performance that I’ve always hoped to see.

Our interview below is equal parts thoughtful and informative. I hope to talk to him again soon – this time off the record.

Hey NoFace. Let us know who you are. And why you chose NoFace as your emcee moniker.

Sup, I go by NoFace, Rapper or NFR for short. Im just a guy who raps about being dope and the spectrum of human emotion. nothing more nothing less.

And why did you decide to go with NoFace, Rapper? 

Even though branding and marketing exists I want people to focus on my music. Recently we are seeing great marketing teams and brands but the music sometimes isn’t as grand. I want the music to come first. 

So instead of the cliche rapper move of not showing your face you went in a more creative direction?

Yeah i mean wearing a mask or hiding my face would be too much work for me. Shoutout to MF DOOM though. I like to think of my philosophy as more idealistic. 

This approach of philosophy, psychology, creativity…was that in you from the moment you began your rap career? Walk us through that. 

Of course. The only reason I started rapping was because of artists who were able to paint pictures, tell stories, and capture emotions through words. When I first started I only appreciated super underground lyrical rap but I grew to understand whsy different types of hip hop exists as I got older. It’s all about context. 

Who were your greatest influences? And how old were you at that time? 

I’d have to say Little Brother (Phonte specifically), Nas, Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, Lupe Fiasco….there’s more but those are mine. I started writing around 16.

And what age are you now? 

I’m 28. 

I remember when I heard your first submission to the site ‘no grammys’ – I immediately noticed your intellect, your observatory nature, and your ability to still make the track catchy. This was back in August of 2017. Explain how the track came together, and your thoughts on it 

Now? I hate that song (laughs). However I learned you can still be poignant with your pen but have catchy hooks. Songwriting is still an artform in itself and not everything has to be a display of lyrical ability. Also Thank you for the compliment. I try to make the process as organic as possible. 

Why don’t you like it anymore? I’m interested.

I normally dislike my old work

Always looking to progress? 

Of course. As you progress you look back and are appreciative, but I start picking at myself like “I could’ve did this” or “I should’ve changed that line.” 

With any art you take seriously I believe that is a natural thought pattern. Let’s talk about your projects. Is there a natural progression? Do you approach them differently? 

Yes. There’s normally a theme throughout my projects and they all sound different IMO. If you listen to Wintercoat its somewhat darker and kinda grim because Im reflecting on the past when I first arrived to Virginia during the winter. If you hear Never Fear Rejection, its a little bit more brighter on the production tip and the message is about being yourself and being afraid of what comes. 

Never Fear Rejection touched me deeply. I related to it and it uplifted me when I felt that the world was out to get me. So thank you for that. You just dropped the visual to NFR which stands as one of my favorite tracks from you. You are super honest about ‘not living large’ – but deliver your words with such fearlessness. It felt like you were talking directly to the viewer in the way it was put together. Am I on to something? 

(Laughs) – in a way. I was very ambitious with this next project. But the song is a honest song and it captures the more arrogant/brash side of me, but honest. I’m celebrating myself but not because I’m a millionaire. I’m celebrating myself because I genuinely feel like people should know my name and associate it with greatness.

Is this reflective of your current state of mind and where you are in life? 

Of course. But I always try to keep things balanced. 2018 I didn’t drop much due to personal issues and big life changes. Those will be discussed quite a bit. 

Will this be a full LP? Or an EP? 

This is an album and was approached as an album. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share about it? Any hints? 

This is definitely some of my best work and this album is definitely about what I “see”. 

Can’t wait to hear what you’ve cooked up and tirelessly worked on. Is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap up.

I’d just like to say if you can please buy or stream indie acts. It’ll be available everywhere but it costs to be an artist. Thanks for interviewing me!

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