Houston MC Bobbie & Big Ooh Call Out Dummy ‘Rappers’ In HeadKnocking Visual ‘Nosebone’

Bobbie and Big Ooh call it like they see it. Back in October I slept on the visual to their give no fucks song Nosebone. They know the clones, the phonies, and the MC’s who rap about a life they don’t live. Words hurt, but back it up with a fury of tongue twisting lyrics, bars that impress from the start, and a flow that never ceases, and you’ve backed up every claim. Bobbie and Big Ooh are both superb rappers who have studied the art of hip hop dating back to its humble beginnings. There are no violent threats, and no plans to carry out murder. The metaphor ‘stabbing you in your nosebone’ is a warning to the uneducated rappers that have invaded 2018. Through strength, tenacity, and hustle, 2019 will be their year.

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