Artist To Watch Scooty Exudes Confidence With Her Debut Single ‘The Difference’

Females are already starting to take over the music industry. 2019 will be our year, and my prediction is more of a fact. More evidence has been delivered to my inbox in the grace of newbie Scooty. Her debut single, The Difference, has already become one of my favorite tracks of the year. In just 2 minutes she glides in and out of singing, rapping, and crooning. Scooty can already out-rap 90% of the clout-chasing, mindless ‘MC’s’ that blew up this year. Her capacity to make meaningful, inventive music shows from the moment she opens her mouth. In The Difference, Scooty breaks down everything that separates her from the average artist and woman. Preach.

The gorgeous production comes from West Coast artist TOPE who has amazingly just ventured into the beat-making game. Working with Slum Village, Blu, and Gift Of Gab has already influenced his style. The instrumental is soulful and complex, but doesn’t venture far from vintage boom bap hip hop.

Scooty and TOPE have also announced a collaborative album is in the works. Keep watch.