FFD Premiere: Favorite NoFace Rapper, Continues His Winning Streak With New Track ‘No Hook’

NoFace, Rapper continues to surprise me with his exceptional versatility as an artist. I’ve written about him and his music for years, and have become a huge fan of his output. Music should surprise, shock, and never be tied down. 2018 has proven that it is customary to know what an artist’s new album will sound like. I grew up in a different time, staying up till midnight for a new J. Cole mixtape to drop because I had no idea what I was about to listen to. Or when I got in trouble for leaving school early just to grab a hard copy of Kanye’s sophomore album, Late Registration which had dropped just yesterday.

Those days are long gone, and that is just fine. But NoFace, Rapper takes me back to those times with one SoundCloud drop. No Hook is frightening, innovative, lyrically insane, and bursting with artistic genius. The incredible production from Gray Soul fits like a glove inside the pockets of NoFace’s adlibs and rhymes. I miss the old days, but I’ll be okay as long as NoFace continues to make music.