Casey Cope & Big Soda Join Forces For One Of The Best Tracks Of The Year AND Its Spongebob Inspired Visual

When an artist hit my inbox with a visual he described as Spongebob-esq (RIP Stephen Hillenburg) with lyrics centered around stress and paralysis, I knew I was in for a treat. This October, Casey Cope and Big Soda joined forces to create the visual to What I Learned In Boating School Is; a track that ranks in my top 50 of the year. Why? It features Big Soda’s booming, yet soulful vocals, followed by Casey’s steady, yet calculated flow.

Casey uses impressive wordplay to speak on his workaholic nature and the pain it has caused him. The title is a reference to turn your ‘motor’ off and let the wind take you where it will. What I Learned In Boating School is far from corny, confirmed by Casey’s self directed visual. It chronicles a single sock puppet moving through hating his job to doing something he loves.

The track is featured on his impressive 2018 EP Stupid Song Titles which you can stream below.


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