Take a Trip To Dallas, Texas With Ascending Rapper Coach Tev On His New EP

Dallas native Coach Tev has been one of my favorite artist to cover for a while now. Since 2016, I’ve seen the, “Lefty” rapper improve and better his sound, all while not succumbing to the sometimes unreasonable pressures of being a rapper in 2018. Naturally, with that patience, comes anticipation from fans for new music. After a long wait, Tev finally delivers with his great EP, I Fell In Love W ith My Mistress.

Though the project is only 7 songs, it’s as thorough as any 10-track+ project to come out this year. Focusing on the themes of love, lust & temptation, Tev flourishes over the pristine production provided almost exclusively by his cousin & collaborator, Cambino. On tracks like, “Woah Cam” & “Wizard Kelly,” he provides energetic performances that are on par with contemporary interests, while on cuts like, “Me, You And Your Friend” & “Sin City” in particular, he really cuts deep into the exploration of temptation and lust as a whole. 

With his long awaited project finally here, not to mention exceeding it’s high expectations, it’s time to start acknowledging Coach Tev as a presence to be familiar with. Or you could miss out on the heaters, your choice. Press play below…