Matt Maratea & Consistency Are One And The Same. Just Peep His Latest Single ‘Trapped for Polo’

My boy Matt Maratea has been posted an endless amount of times on flowsfordays. He may just wear the crown of the most featured artist. I’ve thrown out comments before like ‘I don’t think he can make a bad song’ or ‘I’m almost convinced he can do no wrong.’ But, today is different. With the release of his latest record Trapped for Polo I can say with confidence that he is the most consistent rapper I’ve ever heard this side of SoundCloud.

Once again he uses his trademark flow and energetic rhyme scheme to tare apart the Lil Slap produced beat. Matt has always had a bit of grit in him, or perhaps a dark side. You’ll hear it throughout the new single alongside perhaps his greatest competition thus far, Just Juice. Together they are unstoppable.

Matt is gearing up for his new EP Happy Medium and will be releasing even more goodness. I’m down.