B. Mills Touches Souls & Minds In Exceptional LP “The Life & Times of an Eternal Optimist”

A plethora of successful artists are exceptionally talented at rapping, producing, or singing. They may have just started their career, or have been grinding for quite some time. These individuals often deserve the accolades and fame.

Only a few souls have touched me in ways I could have never imagined. Someone who I feel was born not only to be an exceptional human being, but make music that touches souls and minds.

B. Mills is one of those artists that I discovered, specifically through his album The Life & Times of an Eternal Optimist. He started playing the piano at the tender age of 5, and realized he had an ear for music. This began his musical journey in which he found strength in producing, singing, songwriting, and rapping. 2018 has been good to him, but it is this project that remains my favorite of his work. I’ll let Mills take over with his poetic description of the project below. 

“Every song on this project embodies a sense of urgency in the pursuit of dreams, love, and happiness. Our common thread as people becomes unwoven at times— by race, religion, gender, sexuality, economics, and politics. We all are in the struggle to survive these conditions– more concerned with our individual needs, and less concerned about the group. Sometimes we begin to tie the thread back together– with rallies, marches, protests, concerts, etc.”

“However, the wheel we’re on was built by division, not unification– and it continues to spin round and round. Yet, no matter how dark it gets, there’s always a light peeking through the cave. It’s so  the light of hope and love, and this light remains undefeated against the darkness of doubt and hate. This project shines that light all throughout. Life, love, success, happiness, hopes, desires– we all dream the same things, just in different ways. For we are one.” – B. Mills