Rising Virginia Artist DANVHEFNER Spares No Energy On, ‘Speak Of The Devil.’


Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil. It’s  one of the must uttered spooky phrases of all time and rising rapper DANVHEFNER could honestly give a damn about all of that. Closing out spooky season the right way, the Virginia native checks in with his new EP, Speak Of The Devil.

Produced by a handful of buzzing underground beat makers, Speak Of The Devil is a short, but satisfyingly sweet project that couldn’t have came at a better time. With industrial bass-kicks that somehow mesh well with his raspy, infectious tone, HEFNER makes Speak Of The Devil an enjoyable, but intense ride to the finish line.

Though the Virginia rep has been building a buzz as of late, I’m pretty certain this is going to be the one to push him to the next level, whatever that is.

Check out, Speak Of The Devil below.