Budding Colorado MC Sam Jay Isn’t Taking No For An Answer. Find Out Why (Exclusive Interview)

Hey Sam, thanks for talking with me. How’s it going today?

Doing great today, yourself? 

Doing well. For those that are unfamiliar with you, give them a rundown. 

I’ve been making music for awhile. I’m from Denver, Colorado. The artists that inspire me range from Nas to Lana Del Rey, to Jeezy, to MGMT and many more. I became a father in 2015 and a husband in 2017, and dropped my old stage name Sam Jay, which is my first name and middle name. Feels more natural that way. We just released Boomin’ and getting ready to put out an EP/mixtape titled A Wave Supreme, followed by a project called Man On Fire. Those titles could change, but it’s unlikely.


How did getting married and have a kid change in terms of your music? 

Good question. I know being a father I def wanted to kill having a rap allius. It just felt unnecessary, kind of like a facade to some extent. And the funny thing is, my son loves Boomin. He gets excited every time I play it for him! So I guess I’m doing something right. And being a husband as well, I definitely ask for her feedback a little more now, and I’m really focused on the business side of things more than ever. I definitely have a do or die mentality because I have a lot of responsibilities. I’ve learned from from my mistakes career wise, and I’m doing my best to apply those lessons. I wrote a song about becoming a dad too. It was recorded about a month or so before he was born, and it’s a heavy, thoughtful record. I feel more inspired than ever.

It seems like you’re understanding how serious you want to, and need to take your career. How long have you been making music specifically.

I started recording regularly in 2008 and put out a project in 2010. I hate listening to that record now. I never do. Regardless, my wife has held me down with my music since the beginning. 

How have you improved since then?

More than anything, my delivery and my songwriting. I’ve always been a good writer, I think, but my early flows were kind of choppy at some points and are now more controlled and fit into the pockets I want them to. Using certain tricks you learn along the way while putting in your 10,000 hours. And I think the thematic scope of my writing is much more unique now. I have songs about America,, about my son, about people I used to know. But still the fun, party shit too. Cus that’s part of me too. I try to make music that reflects all my dimensions. Once I fall in love with an idea, the song must get made. 

Was that the case with Boomin? That’s a hit man.

Thank you! That hook was sitting in my head already, and my friend/producer Yonnas made the beat and sent it to me and it just worked immediately. I got connected with Myke Charles through a mutual friend. I’ve wanted to work with him for awhile, and I really dig how it came out. 

What’s the Colorado hip hop scene like? 

It’s growing. There’s a lot of talent here, from artist’s to producers to DJ’s and so forth. There’s a dope culture here brewing with a lot of dope people. 


You’ve been talking about this do or die mentality. How will you be executing that? 

A variety of ways, but mainly not taking no for an answer. Knowing my new shit is dope and that the world is going to find out soon enough. 

Any last words? 

Check out Boomin, A Wave Supreme coming soon. Let’s get this money and fuck Trump!