Utah Rep vinniecassius Checks In With His Fire New Single, “500 Degrees.”


Although many people may think of Utah as the Mormon Holy-land — it is — but the city has always been criminally underrated when it comes to it’s other contributions. 1st of all, the scenery in the state is something you won’t see anywhere else, and second of all, Donovan Mitchell… Okay, the Jazz as a whole. What I’m trying to say is… Utah has culture, and even some fire music!

Checking in with us for the first time, Utah transfer — NC native — vinniecassius comes in with his brand new single, “500 Degrees,” a potent, hot track that serves as Cassius’ introduction to the masses. Produced by SNXFF, the song’s enthusiastic production plays perfectly into Cassius’ unique cadence and wordplay.

Listen to, “500 Degrees,” below and be sure to stay hip to vinniecassius.