Las Vegas Native Bennett Debuts His First Single, “F.A.B.”

Bennett, shot by Ryan Wilkes

Artist development is a lost art-form in Hip-Hop. Gone are the days where you discover a talent, mold them and then present them as a marketed package to the masses. Instead, we’re now given a front seat to an artist’s development with DIY sites like Audiomack, as well as labels not really seeking much more than the mean of the engagements between your socials. Personally, I miss the former and an artist that’s taken that route is Las Vegas native, Bennett, who checks in with his debut single, “F.A.B.

Self-produced as well as mix and mastered, “F.A.B.” is sort of an appetizer to show you the abilities that Bennett has. Whether it’s his silky-smooth voice, his laid-back — yet somehow wildly infectious — cadence and most importantly, his swagger. At no point throughout the track do you feel like you’re being spoken to by a lame, and that’s a lot easier said than done in the climate of 2018’s Hip-Hop.

With his debut project set to drop, November, 9th, you can bet that the arrival of Bennett will be more substantial than your average Soundcloud rapper. Check out, “F.A.B.” below.