Catching Up On Submissions Part 5 (Best Of)

Cassius Tae is back in full form with throwback video, Home For The Summer. Big Pun & Joe’s I Don’t Wanna Be A Player and Will Smith’s Summer Time’are the backdrop for Cassius’ tales of classic summer nights in Chicago.

I’m a big fan of c James and have continued to watch his rise on YouTube, SoundCloud, and the hip hop community at large. He hit us with the visual to Pop It a month ago, and it truly spoke for itself. A classic hip hop beat mixed with hard bass and contemporary flavor from @akeemhaze prepares us for James cut throat lyrics that simply describe his life.

Nuke Franklin has never steered me wrong whenever he shares his music. He’s grown and prospered so much in the last few years, and has only become a better MC. The crux of his journey comes in his full length project, FRANKO. I can say with confidence that FRANKO is easily one of the best projects of the year. It blew my mind from start to finish. This is a MUST LISTEN.

Chicago has another breakthrough artist on their hands.The easy to love MC Ridgio teaches us a lesson in loving yourself, embracing who you are, and the blessings of life. His rhymes are also top notch.