California Native BBKnight Checks In With, “Friday, The 13th” Featuring BBKoat & Heartbreak ICY

Los Angeles has been on the rise as of late. Artists like Shoreline Mafia, Drakeo Tha Ruler, 03 Greedo & more are creating a renaissance of sort throughout the city, which has instantly transformed LA’s underground into a topic of national discussion. Despite relocating to Las Vegas a few years ago, LA native BBKnight is still very much apart of that scene, and he checks in with his new video, “Friday, The 13th.”

Featuring fellow Beautiful Boys members, BBKoat Heartbreak ICY, “Friday, The 13th” plays perfectly into it’s theme and name as the chilling synths and anthemic bass-kicks create an anticipation in your chest that can definitely be likened to running from a serial killer. The video showcases the boys in their natural element, which is being fly and getting to it, under a trippy filter that looks like it came straight from a 1960’s TV show.

In all, the video is a solid peek into the crew, as well as one of ICY’s best verses to date. Be sure to check out the visuals above and stay hip to BB.