Talented Wordsmith Kamron Bahani Brings Heart And Soul Into New Album ‘Menace’

It’s been a minute since I’ve checked in with Kamron Bahani. I reached out to him a year ago after hearing his dark, reflective, and hip hop inspired albums on BandCamp. He brought hope to me when I was severely struggling with my mental illness, and once we finished our interview, a weight lifted off of my chest. I realized I wasn’t the only one facing uncomfortable feelings. Kamron has never been afraid of a challenge, emotionally and musically, and his latest project, Menace, shows just that.

Every track has it’s own personality. The phrase ‘multi-genre’ has become a cliche on music blogs, but you’ll easily hear it for yourself. Soulful crooning, electro-pop, metal, latin flavors, and hard core rhymes permeate the 7 tracks.

Menace is another triumph in Kamron’s ever growing discography that I hope only continues to grow.