Chicago Emcee Loovy Shows Power & Resilience In His Latest Music Video ‘GLORY’

We all deal with day to day, month to month, year to year, or lifetime struggles – whether big or small. I find it easiest to tap into the experience of others through writing, or music. Anyone can make a track addressing specific trials and tribulations – but it’s the artists that move you, capture your attention, and are able to transport you into the scenes they are depicting that are most effective.

Chicago’s Loovy is that emcee, and GLORY is that song. Before you even digest his lyrics, you’ll hear an energy that cannot be defined, or replicated. It almost sounds like he’s hoarse with pain and fatigue. Loovy doesn’t need to use complex wordplay in an attempt to cram as many words into a bar, but uses powerful statements to address relationships, heartbreak, and the struggle to survive. Life doesn’t want him to make it, but he sure as hell will.

GEontheCamera captures Loovy in all of his glory (pun intended) – overlooking the city he calls home. Power corses through his veins; especially on camera. GLORY was the 1st single off of his latest EP Sorry I’m Like This 2 which you can stream below.