Illect Recordings’ Sundance Steps Out On His Own With Debut Single ‘The Last Sunrise’

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Illect Recordings is one of the best independent hip hop labels in the country. Not only do they host dope music, but often put out cassettes, CDs, and vinyl for their drops.

Another gem has come out of the camp – this time from Sundance. The multi-faceted, genre-bending producer has worked with a handful of fellow Illect signees throughout the years. He’s finally stepping out on his own, starting with his new single, The Last Sunrise.

The record features famed underground MC Adam L, and a cast of talented musicians including DJ Sean P, Sivion, and Stro Elliott from The Roots. Horns permeate the jazzy single, while Adam rhymes about staying focused on your goals throughout hard times. The Last Sunrise is another solid addition to Sundace’s sporadic, eclectic production catalogue.

Check out The Last Sunrise on Apple Music and Spotify.