IL native Joel Venom Impresses With His Debut Project “UnderDOG’

When I see a submission from Bandcamp, I have high expectations. Yes, anyone can create an account, but compared to SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music, the site has a higher percentage of quality music.

IL native Joel Venom hit my inbox with his BandCamp link, and surprise surprise, his music is dope. He debuted back in 2013 with his HIB3RN@T!ON music video, and while impressive, it lacked polish. 5 years of hard work and dedication has transformed Joel, best shown in his debut project UnderDOG. The project centers around hustling day in and day out, and somehow still being placed under the radar by society and everyday life. Joel hasn’t given up, and speaks on it throughout the LP.

UnderDOG displays his unique and creative mind, pulling together trap, jazz, R&B, chillwave, and of course hip hop. Each track demonstrates his versatility as an artist whether through acute storytelling, heavy metal screams, reflective jazzy cuts, or atmospheric vocals.

Perhaps the world doesn’t recognize his genius, but I do.