FFD Premiere: Lam. – ‘Kno U’ (New Track)

I’ve known Lam, and most importantly, his steady musical output for a number of years now. He resides in the sunny state of California; a spot I’m the least familiar with among all of the artists I’ve worked with. Luckily, Lam. personifies all that LA has to offer. Yes, the emcee loves hip hop, and can lyrically match the best of the best; but his forte is feel good music that challenges your temptation to put music, and artists, into a box.

I have the honor of premiering his latest and greatest – Kno U. The 3 and a half minute epic will give you feels based on the production alone. Yondo found a way to make an instrumental that will awaken you, AND lull you back into a hypnotic dream. On top of the beat, Lam uses a free-verse style, making inflections, tone switches, and abstract melodics with his voice. As we get further into the groove, Lam spits one of the most memorable flows I’ve heard in years.

Kno U is a dynamite collaboration, and an escape from one of the worst years of my adulthood. Stream and share above.