Alabama’s Hip Hop Savior, K1NG ELJAY, Drops His Most Focused Project Yet With ‘K1NG’

If there is one project you need to hear this year, it’s K1NG ELJAY’s latest and greatest, K1NG. Although the title may read as braggadocios, K1NG is a declaration of the throne we can all hail, the endeavors we can all accomplish. His goal remains the same, ‘to make music you can feel.’ If you can’t feel his heart, soul, and dedication to the culture – then you must be having a hard year. Not to worry, K1NG will lift you up, and help you find the love we all harness deep inside.

K1NG is his most focused endeavor yet, with 10 meticulously crafted tracks that show off every side of ELJAY’s abilities. Crisp self-production, intriguing content, and concept-driven raps permeate the heavy track-list. EJAY brings along his RDFND collective for the ride, who contribute slick rhymes, DJ cuts, and everything in-between.

K1NG is available on all streaming platforms, but if you support the project on BandCamp, you’ll get some dope bonus tracks.