North Las Vegas Wordsmith DemarcoTheMan Lets Loose With His New Album, ‘BlandBoy.’


Recently, Las Vegas was recognized by streaming platform Audiomack, & given a #HometownHeroes playlist to highlight some of the city’s best talent. Although the playlist was on the money, one glaring omission from the pack was North Town native DemarcoTheMan. Despite the snub, Demarco checks in with a scorching brand new album, BlandBoy.

Set to the tone of somber bass kicks and sobering storytelling, BlandBoy tells the story of one person, dealing with two sides of himself — one positive, one negative — while simultaneously navigating the tough waters of adulthood. Often throughout the project, you’re given a clear snapshot into the though process of Demarco, for better or worse, as he weeds through the passing notions in his brain. In all, it’s a wonderful album that’s best played straight through.

With a body of work like this under his belt, it’s only a matter of time before the snubs turn to praises, & Demarco is seen for the lyrical savant he’s turning out to be. Check out, BlandBoy below & be sure to get familiar with DemarcoTheMan.