Mani Jurdan Shows What It Means To Be A Revolutionary in Breathtaking New Visual ‘DIFFERENTIATION’

Mani Jurdan is one of the most versatile MC’s I’ve heard in quite some time. Last year he blessed us with Ntro 2 Da Ntro, which spawned his breakthrough single DIFFERENTIATION. He has a quality over quantity mentality which I heavily endorse.

Make no mistake, Mani is alive and well, and has just put out a dynamite visual to the aforementioned track. Dude’s can talk a good game, but if they don’t have the skill and determination to back it up, it means jack shit. Mani embodies the song’s title, switching flows, tone, inflection, geographical inspiration, melody, and everything else you can think of.

He got together with Ryder Visuals and producer M.A.B. to creatively symbolize what it means to be a revolutionary. Luckily he doesn’t come off as preachy…actually as far from it as you can be within the topics addressed. Mani still turns up with his boys while reciting a clever, infectious chorus. I see a ton of potential in Mani, and am so excited to see what his next move is.