Mpulse Digs In The Archives For ‘CIRCA 11’ EP

Mpulse ALWAYS  keeps his word. His campaigns are legendary, whether he’s dropping one song a week (2017) or a new EP every month (this year.) He took a much deserved break this July, grabbing 4 unreleased tracks from 2011 to make the CIRCA ’11 EP. Pulse told me they are outdated, and was a bit hard on himself in the press release. I loved to hear these rough takes, especially the first track where he spits over a host of popular hip hop beats. Sure, some of the remaining records are rough cuts, and one is unmastered, but that is CIRCA’s charm.

Pulse tells the story best:

“Circa ’11’ is a collection of songs that I recorded back in 2011 when I interned at Insomniac Studios in Chicago in exchange for free studio time. I was able to record in-between other peoples sessions and later at night. 1 or 2 of these songs arent mixed, so forgive me. Solitaire was my mentor and the head engineer/owner of Insomniac Studios. He produced a couple of the songs and recorded all of them. These are all songs I considered really dope but are outdated as far as how I sound these days, so I decided to release them as a concept EP. Hope you enjoy along with the story. The artwork is from the same timeframe, and it was taken at Insomniac Studios.”