TR0Y W0NDER Uses Creativity As A Means Of Self Expression On ‘Bloodrot’

Sometimes the world becomes too much for us to handle, and seclusion seems to be the only option. No matter how extroverted you are, we all need breaks from the stress and strain of friends, family, work, and relationships. I thought about this while listening to TR0Y W0NDER’s new track Bloodrot. Towards the end of the self-produced record, he talks about how often he wants to be alone. I imagine he wrote Bloodrot in his room with the doors shut, letting the words flow as a means of self-expression and therapy.

TR0Y has an extremely unique voice that captured me from the start. He isn’t looking to top the SoundCloud charts – he’s all about progressing as an artist and man. Interestingly enough, the track has a subtle catchiness thanks to his in the pocket flow that fills up the entirety of the space-age instrumental.

Bloodrot isn’t a one take record – it’s a complex piece of music that took time to perfect. TR0Y is also a talented rapper, stringing together excellent wordplay that actually means something. I’m excited for the next step in his ever growing career.