Keenan Kilgore’s New Album ‘SEPTEMBER’ Shows Beauty Has No Bounds

Instrumental albums make the world go round. FACTS. When I get one as a submission, my day instantly becomes better. Music is the soundtrack to our lives, and hearing something that connects you to an artist you’ve never met is one of the best feelings in the world. Keenan Kilgore’s new LP SEPTEMBER captures me at this very moment. Why? His press release says it all:

“SEPTEMBER  reinforces the scope and possibilities within the construct. This latest solo effort is full of complex sample based beats intertwined with bits of narrative, and creative song structuring. SEPTEMBER came about from a culmination of life’s struggles, travels, triumphs, oddities and observations. It is not your average beat tape. SEPTEMBER sets the soundscape for you to swim through the summer and beyond. It is a collection of global jams for you to carry along your journey as you explore and get lost, only to find your way again.”

Irish folk melds into DJ scratches, heavy drums turn into an atmospheric wonderland – all which become a collage of an honest human being. SEPTEMBER is his story, your story, my story, our story. By the end you’ll feel intimately connected to him, and the world at large. Beauty has no bounds.